lancia dedra hand brake wire

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lancia dedra hand brake wire

Post by kristian »

hello fellow lancia owners. i had to change the hand brake wire on my dedra(the part going down from the cockpit) but it was to short, so i had to make it longer with a couple of shackles. I couldnt find any way to adjust it exept for the adjustment in the cockpit, is there any other way? i also have to tighten it so much it constantly applies to make it tight enough to actually brake the wheels, how do i change the break pads for the hand brake?
Brian Hilton

Re: lancia dedra hand brake wire

Post by Brian Hilton »

What model & year do you have?
Do you have ABS?

The only adjustment apart from the automatic self adjustment incorporated in the calipers, is from under the handbrake lever which has a long 10mm nut that adjusts the travel, it's a bit awkward to get to but it can be done.
You say the cable from the handbrake was too short, which is why you have had to make it longer with a couple of shackles, by making the cable longer it seems to me that you have lost all the adjustment? you say the cable was too short, did you slacken the adjustment nut right off before fitting the cable? if the cable is too short are you sure you have the right cable?
The single cable goes to an equaliser block where the right & left hand cables fit at their front end, from here both go back to their respective caliper where the adjustrment should be automatic.

There are no seperate pads for the handbrake as the handbrake uses the main pads in the calipers,
As you ask how to replace the rear pads, it seems to me that you didn't rewind the caliper pistons before replacing the front cable, consequently you have tried to fit the new front cable while the rear cables are at their maximum adjustment.
You need a special tool for rewinding brake pistons, this is usually a universal tool easily obtained at a reasonable cost from most motor factors, DO NOT attempt to push the pistons back in once you have removed the pads, as this will destroy the automatic handbrake adjustment mechanism.

I would suggest you need to start all over again, first removing the shackles and releasing the adjustment at the handbrake (short cable) as much as possible, next you need to remove the pads, wind back the pistons, fit the the handbrake cables to the backs of the calipers, fit the new pads, operate the brake pedal until you have a firm pedal, & then & only then adjust at the handbrake lever itself.

If you need the pages from the manual to help you please let me have your email address & I will send them, bearing in mind the questions I asked.

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Re: lancia dedra hand brake wire

Post by Briank »

My dedra has an issue where the offside parking brake isn't working. Everything looks fine and the nearside works fine so i don't think adjustment is the answer. Is it possible the adjusting mechanism on the offside is shot? and I need a new mechanism?

The enarside caliper looks different to the offside as well, possibly a later replacement?
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