Fulvia 3 Coupe, Veglia vs Jaeger Gauges

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Fulvia 3 Coupe, Veglia vs Jaeger Gauges

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Hello everyone

I am looking into buying a Fulvia Coupé after having had the opportunity of driving one of these fantastic cars 2 years ago. Some interesting models i saw online are the Fulvia 3 and regarding this model I have a question regarding the instruments/gauges. With the introduction of the Fulvia 3, Lancia changed these from black to white color.

But looking at different cars online I noticed that most of the Fulvia 3 have entirely white Veglia-gauges:

Some cars for sale have a different Jaeger-Model with feature a little more black:
Is it correct that both of theses gauges were used by Lancia on the Fulvia 3 and therefore both versions can be considered original to the Fulvia 3 series? Did this vary with production year or what did it depend on?

Thank you very much for any hints!
Kind regards

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Re: Fulvia 3 Coupe, Veglia vs Jaeger Gauges

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Hi Jan

Good of you to notice. I did not know any better or al Fulvia 3 have Veglia. I just checked the parts book. It looks like it is all well documented.
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