Flavia S2 steering

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Flavia S2 steering

Post by LanciaFin » 29 Jun 2020, 11:58


As many second series Flavia owners may know, Lancia used the finest unobtanium as material for the center link (pn: 2242749 and 82242749.) Currently I have two units with more or less loose ends, so something needs to be done. Before I begin tinkering to install new joints or sourcing a remanufactured part from some shop (there is actually one shop in another city that makes racing parts, but they have also made front wishbones for Thesis as well), I ask if someone knows a place where these could be available?

Another thing, if someone has a steering shaft (between steering wheel and box) for hydrosteering models available, I'm interested to buy, or get some picture and measurements. I presume a shaft of "manual" steering could be used, if shortened. Because welding of such part is a huge no-no, the only proper way would be shortening it from steering wheel end and cutting new splines, if needed.


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