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Re: Starter relay

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I had already checked the grounding of both the battery to chassis and engine to chassis, so good there.
I replaced the solenoid early on thinking that might be the problem as I could hear the solenoid trying to engage, almost like went a battery has gone flat, but still doing this with a well charged, new battery. When I took the old Marelli solenoid out it seemed to be fine, but thought I had already bought the new solenoid so I put it in. It seemed somewhat more reliable but got worse as time went on. I decided to reinstall the Marelli original and had to switch back to the brass solder on bullet connector for the solenoid engagement wire, from the spade connector style that the replacement used.The bullet which I had to file to get to fit the connection on the solenoid now fits very snuggly and has so far been very consistently starting hot or cold. The spade connector that I used on the replacement solenoid, never seemed to fit as tightly as it should . It may be that the loose connection just wasn't allowing enough current flow to do the job.
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