Braking problems Aurelia & Appia

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Braking problems Aurelia & Appia

Post by Erik » 28 Jun 2007, 22:25

Dear Lancia-friends,
The brakes of our Lancia's (my Aurelia B 20 GTS 5° serie and Hans' Appia 3° serie) are sometimes not reliable and are 'gripping' at unpredictible moments. The brake-pedalpoint is displacing from the normal stand (middle) to the top of the pedal. The more on the Aurelia, the clutch-pedal (hydraulic circuit) is suddenly going down to half a stroke.
This phenomen is apearing by an oildispenser under normal pressure and with no or few pedal-use.
In my opinion, but also by experienced mecanics, the brakingshoes are correctly mounted: there is no friction in normal conditions and the brakes are working synchronically on the 4 wheels (the B 20 was tested on a brake rollertestbench).
I hope that someone outside can help us, because we don't understand the problem !!
Greetings, Erik (en Hans)

Erik Vermaelen
Voorspoedlaan 13
B 1700 Dilbeek
Tel: +32/2/569.36.19

Karl Heinz Hager

Re: Braking problems Aurelia & Appia

Post by Karl Heinz Hager » 09 Jul 2007, 17:30

Dear Erik,

I had a similar concern (brake lock up) on my 5th series (although the clutch is operated mechanically on mine since before 1973).
The Touring Garage in Spich got the problem solved by shaving the brake shoes absolutely round by means of the very clever special works device for Aurelia brakes. What you should have a look at also: the flexible brake hoses, are they really ok? Sorry for this question, on the Sliding Pillar Rallye your Aurelia looked as coming just out of the showroom, nevertheless....

Best wishes and good success, Karl Heinz Hager from the Lancia Club Deutschland

Niels Jonassen

Re: Braking problems Aurelia & Appia

Post by Niels Jonassen » 15 Jul 2007, 23:29

When looking at the brakes it might also be worthwhile to look at the master cylinder. Sometimes the seals stick preventing the piston from moving freely back. There are some critical, small holes through which the brake fluid must be able to flow.
Good luck,


Re: Braking problems Aurelia & Appia

Post by Erik » 16 Jul 2007, 23:19

Thanks for your reply.
The master cylinder and all the wheel brake cylinders are new since last year; should this phenomen appaer so quickly ? In any case, I will take your suggestion into account.
Kindest regards, Erik

PS: congratulations with your very interesting edition of the "Lancia Aurelia in detail" !!

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