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Collected order of Lancia books

Posted: 09 Aug 2011, 13:19
by LCV
Dear Lancia friends,

I am just preparing an order of Lancia books
from an editor in Italy. I intend to send the
order list to him end of August, The single
delivery of the books is foreseen around
September 15.

If you are interested in Lancia books please
ask for the list of the actually available books.
I would need your e-mail address.
You could send your order until August 20.

If you order please do not forget your home
address. I do not ask for pre-payment but I
expect the payment immediately after the
recept of the book(s) and invoice.

Best regards

Re: Collected order of Lancia books

Posted: 11 Aug 2011, 20:58
by gamma a.i.