Goodbye gamma / Hello gamma

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Goodbye gamma / Hello gamma

Post by gamma a.i. » 15 May 2015, 17:19

Update on exporting our (ex) gold Gamma C; which is still gold but is no longer ours:
difficulty in arranging transit-plates from DE to AT, impossible to gain & possibly very expensive Insurance-Coverage & understandble Highway-Rules & cross-border Import Regulations + allowing transport of original non-leather velour-interior (37 years old; like almost new) means that 1 gC S1 will take a trailer-ride behind a tow-van 7ookm to its new home where it will receive Austrian # plates.

gold gC has been on numerous business & family trips; to many Lancia Events; been across Alps ?? times, been in low & high hills of FR, BE, NL, UK, DE, been to & been on many fast-tracks - driven by only 2-hot-drivers with passengers; it has had major suspension upgrades (thank you Herr Noeller); minor body works - than you Adam, 1 set of fat tires (slighlty oversize) on 1 set of S2 wheels (thank you Ruud) , numerous oil-changes & only 2 routine engince "services"; it gained another interior from another gammaC; it has never failed to get to & from where it was supposed to; thank you Eric NL for a "drive it in my garage timing-session"; it reached a speed of the max I ever wanted to drive it + 30% ...with revs to spare - 190kph...down long steep Alpine declines at 02:00 - in a long-tight-NASCAR_Draft Convoy of much newer Italo & UK GT's...driven by drivers that didn't leave me all alone doing 2x the allowed speed in CH..although they easliy could have !

17,000 trouble-free km; including 2 blasts around the Roads around & around the Nürnbergring (outside the ring) in ice & snow in Winter .... at Night !!
crazy great cars make crazy (not so great?) driver crazier !!

Good Bye - we will not miss you !! For we have (had for 10 years) a gC build 6 weeks later; a gC that needs to be driven more than 2x around the block each year !

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