new "etceterini" book

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new "etceterini" book

Post by Schaller » 16 Jun 2002, 22:28

The new book La Sport E I Suoi Artigiani 1937-1965 (The sports cars of the artisans) by Nada has quite a few photos of Lanica based sports racers. I have been involved with Italian sports racers for 35 years, and I have NEVER seen 40% of the photos in this book (about 600-700 photos are in the book). I have a few extra copies if anyone is interested.


jan Van Hoorick

Re: new "etceterini" book

Post by jan Van Hoorick » 24 Oct 2002, 18:16

Hello Dottore,
are ther in the book you mention photogrphs on racing Augusta's? There must have been some racing Augusta's in the mid 30s who participated at the MM.
Thanks for more information

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