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Air Conditioning - Rear Button Problem

Posted: 12 Apr 2018, 01:24
by Teza
Hello all,

I am a rookie owner of Lancia Thesis, which I am super proud of. As you have probably all experienced, I also have a few electrical issues. hva esearched this and other forums, but have not found anone with the same problem.

I cannot activate the rear air conditioning for the back seats. When I press rear button, the light on the button does not come on, hence the back display is off and the rear vents do not work as also the display.

Do you have any idea what is wrong.

Help would be appreciated. Uhh and also, EOL Error is displayed all the time and Park Assist Fault comes on from time to time. Are these faults interconnected?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Air Conditioning - Rear Button Problem

Posted: 12 Apr 2018, 17:14
by Pierre VALLADE
Hi Mike,

"EOL error" is probably due to the NIT. I already have had this error. Have a look at one of my previous message "Thesis Strange electronic troubles".
Several other Thesis owners experienced too this error.

When I had this problem, I had too troubles with the Air conditionning system, I suppose that the NIT handles a lot of functions. not only navigation system.

No idea with the EPB (Electronic Park Brake). However, starts by replacing the small battery in right rear wing. This battery is used by the EPB system, and it's quite cheap. 20 to 40 €.

Best regards.


Re: Air Conditioning - Rear Button Problem

Posted: 12 Apr 2018, 22:05
by Teza
Hi Pierre,

thanks for the quick and very helpful reply.

So I have to sen thed NIT to Italy. The link does not work anymore, but will find it. Hoped some other easier solution would work. Would an exchange for another (flawless) NIT be a solution also?

Vents for the rear seats do not work. The backdisplay is blank and when I press REAR button on the Climate Control, it does not work, no indication light? What could it be?

We misunderstood a bit each other. I have a problem with PARK ASSIST - Parking sensors. All of a sudden they do not work anymore and display an error - a yellow P.


Re: Air Conditioning - Rear Button Problem

Posted: 13 Apr 2018, 07:52
by Pierre VALLADE
You are right, the link changes sometimes ago Here the new one :

Of course, you can find another NIT coming from a Thesis "out of order" and sold for parts.

When I sent my NIT (out of order) , it required only one week to repair it in Italy. And it is now in my car without any problem since more than 6 years. So it was, (on my point of view) a good choice to wait.

Not fully sure, but I think that the car can run without NIT.


Re: Air Conditioning - Rear Button Problem

Posted: 13 Apr 2018, 21:27
by Teza
Have sent an email regarding service. Thanks for the link.

Will post new Info when I get it.

I can manage without the NIT or with a disabled Thesis for a week with no problems, since I do not rely on it on a daily basis.

Thanks again.

Re: Air Conditioning - Rear Button Problem

Posted: 18 May 2018, 09:11
by Isola
Do you have a registered copy of MultiEcuScan? If not, get one and an ELM327-based OBD cable. They'll save you dozens of hours of guesswork.
The park assist fault is quite probably due to a dead ultrasound transducer. A registered copy of MES will tell you which of the eight transducers it is. They cost something like 20 euros in eBay etc. and can be replaced without detaching the bumber.
Of course there's always the possibility of an ECU failure or cut wire somewhere. My car suffered from a damaged wire inside the front bumper, disabling one of the parking sensors.

Re: Air Conditioning - Rear Button Problem

Posted: 30 Oct 2018, 00:38
by Teza
Hello Pierre and Isola, thanks for all the tips and sorry for the late reply. Haven't had time to resolve those issues yet, but will start with MultiEcuScan, have found this link: Will keep you posted. Thanks again.