Bended frame, need little help.

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Bended frame, need little help.

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Hi guys, can someone send me a picture of the left lower back arm (looks like boomerang) and the metal frame which holding it (diesel)?

I have the situation that my frame is bended (distort) on both sides, more on the left, so the arm is touching the balance bar, which causing vibrations and knocking.
I attached the pictures so you can see what i mean. Click on the picture for full size.
So it would be nice if someone can send me a picture of a good frame so i can see how much should i bend it back.
You can post them here so anyone can see the difference,maybe someone will find this helpfull too,but because we resize the pictures a lot for the forum, send me the original pictures via PM or email: please.


Thanks in advance! Cheers!
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Re: Bended frame, need little help.

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I had similar problem on passenger side due to small accident.

Here is a picture of straight one on driver's side. As you can see, bottom part is flat with front frame:

here was the bent one:

The easiest way to bend those is to remove arm completely and then work with metal.
First remove ball joint from lower arm and then undo that big bolt. After that you can use unnecessary amount of raw power.
Just make sure that lower part is 100% parallel, then fix upper part accordingly.

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