Three little issues

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Three little issues

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I am an owner of a Lancia thesis 3.0 V6 I like the car and I have been following your forum for quite a while but I don’t speak German and Italian +/- and I am struggling to find the right forum post for the following solutions:

1)Alarm error + random lights – The back seat lights randomly turn on and the alarm keeps giving an error. Might need the rearview mirror board soldered or new one is available?

2) My frontal cd drive is not reading any cd´s and I want to change the language from SP to EN, is it possible to clean / buy a new lent?

3) The ac works really well but has a strange noise, can anyone help me out? Is it a stuck flap? Please see on video

Noise coming from bellow the steering wheel when I turn climatronic on

Kind regards

Joao Carlos Sousa PT
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Re: Three little issues

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Hello Joao,

A rattling noise comes from a stuck or malfunctionin flap somewhere in the centre console. I've read or heard somewhere that you could reach the flap by removing the centre console panels at the footwell. I've removed the driver side panel and found nothing... Probably it's the passenger side then? I've not gone that far because the noise is not present any more. The panels come off by just pulling at the edges, but need some care to fit back in place neatly.

For the CD reader, try a cleaning CD first. That worked for me although it needed several runs. Reconditioned CD readers are sometimes available at eBay etc. Just make sure it is really fitted with a new head, otherwise it's probably not any better that your current one.
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