Advice Lancia Lybra

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Advice Lancia Lybra

Post by blu3manx » 24 Jul 2010, 01:25


I open this topic for your opinion to buy a Lybra Lx,1999, 2.0 gas 16 valves,116 horse power ,automatic transmission,fulll.

2.0 GAS 16 valves seems questionable,because i didn't find any car with 2.0 gas 16 valves,just 20 valves......

The car has 37,500 km,and this is the reason that i wan't to buy it.

What do you think about it ?What should i check at this car?

The automatic transmission at lancia is good? I've noticed that cars with automatic transmissions aren't so good.

I must admit that i'm a complet stranger with italian cars.

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Re: Advice Lancia Lybra

Post by Philip » 24 Jul 2010, 13:32

the Lybra came with the following engines:
Petrol: 1.6 and 1.8 L 4 cylinder 16 v engines with 115 & 130 bhp respectively and the 2.0 L 5 cylinder 20 v engine: it also came with 1.9 & 2.4 L diesel engines.
the automatcis are not particularly problematic. I have a 2.0 petrol manula and after 235,000km its still running like new; the only major parts changed due to wear have been part of the exhaust and the rear shock absorbers. Timing chains too...make sure that the one you are looking at has had that changed (along with the water pump) because although it only has 37,000km, after 11 years it would definitely need a new one! Overall, they are very solid and reliable cars.

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