Hello everyone! :)-D

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Gallo Pierluigi
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Hello everyone! :)-D

Post by Gallo Pierluigi » 25 Apr 2010, 18:11

Hello everyone

My name is Pierluigi and a user as well as moderator of some sections of Viva Lancia Italian.

I invite everyone to visit my website, I like to know my passion Lance also friends outside Italy.
Here is the address www.ladeltadipierluigi.jimdo.com

I am owner of a Delta 1300 LX year 1990, a 2400 K Jtd year 1999, Y 1200 Vanity year 2003 and 1900 Lybra Jtd Sedan 2004.

Thank you and Good Forum!

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[center][b]Gallo Pierluigi - Moderatore sez. "Delta e Prisma"-"Stratos"-"Rally 037"-"Delta Integrale/S4"-"Altri Marchi"[/b] 

[url=http://ladeltadipierluigi.jimdo.com/]IL MIO SITO INTERNET - Visitatelo e lasciate il vostro commento!! [/url]
Le Lancia di casa:[url=http://ladeltadipierluigi.jimdo.com/passione-lancia/lybra-story/la-mia-lybra-1-9-jtd/]Lybra 1.9 JTD Berlina[/url]-[url=http://ladeltadipierluigi.jimdo.com/passione-lancia/delta-story/la-mia-delta-1-3-lx-acquisto/]Delta 1.3 LX-[url=http://ladeltadipierluigi.jimdo.com/passione-lancia/prisma-story/la-mia-prisma-1300-acquisto/]Prisma 1300[/url]-[url=http://ladeltadipierluigi.jimdo.com/passione-lancia/y-story/la-nostra-y-1-2-vanity/]Y 1.2 Vanity(Fabiana)[/url]-[url=http://ladeltadipierluigi.jimdo.com/passione-lancia/k-story/la-k-jtd-dei-miei-suoceri/]K 2.4 JTD(ex dei suoceri...)[/url]

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