A/C drain pipe blocked

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A/C drain pipe blocked

Post by Paraflu » 17 Nov 2007, 20:24

Hi !

I have a Lybra 1.8 SW 2000 mod. I love the car and it works well as long as I give it some TLC.
Problem these days is that I suspect that the drain pipe from the A/C system is blocked. The reason is that I have a "mist problem" on wet days, and I can't see any or just samll amounts of water comming out under the car. In addition the smell is not exactly like roses either....:)
I have tried to find the drain pipe in order to run a A/C cleanout, but I am not sure were it ends. Looks like it is behind the steering rack. I can see 2 aluminium pipes comming through the torpedo wall, but which one is the drain pipe ? A solution could perhaps be to cut the pipe and connect a rubber hose that could be led out through the lower engine cover?? This way the drainage could more easily bee looked after.

Anyone else who have had this problem ? Any suggestions how to deal with the problem ?

I have also read that the Alfa 156 has a potential rust problem in the floor caused by overflood in the AC system, and I do not want this to happen with my Lybra.

Brgds form Norway


Re: A/C drain pipe blocked

Post by paraflu » 21 Jul 2008, 13:20

Case closed ! Found the drain pipe below the servo steering oiltank. Had to remove the fixing screws in order to reach the pipe. A rubber flange blocked the pipe. I cut out parts of the rubberflange and now the drain works much better and water comes out below the wehicle.

Brgds Paraflu


Re: A/C drain pipe blocked

Post by RGS » 09 Oct 2008, 12:04

Hello !
Had the same problem, but in my case there was a modification with a longer drain pipe, if you have problems with water going into the car instead of out...especially noticed in stressed conditions when high heat and humidity.

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