To Lybra or not to Lybra

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To Lybra or not to Lybra

Post by Gisela » 04 Feb 2006, 18:13

Hi everybody

I need a little help for I cannot really decide which car I should buy. I confess that I love the Lybra but people keep telling me not to get a Lancia. So I decided to get information first hand from Lybra's owners. Here is my question : Is the Lybra 1.9 JTD as good as the Peugeot 406 HDI or the Avensis D4D ?
Could you please tell me your experiences with your cars ( pros and contras). Is there some truth behind the topic 'Do not drive Italian cars' ?

I will welcome your coments.
Many thanks!!!


Re: To Lybra or not to Lybra

Post by philip » 16 Feb 2006, 15:05

The Lybra is probably one of the best built if no the best built Italian car ever; mine, a 2.0LX station wagon after 5 years now has covered 113,000km and does not even have one squeak. Utterly reliable and nothing has broken except a switch for the heated seat which was replaced very easily. This is my third Lancia and the older ones were not bad either...

The Thesis might have superior construction but slightly more small technical issues...

People don't believe that my car is over 5 years old.

Try the cars and decide for yourself;

good luck! Go Italian - definitely more spirit and soul than an Avensis or 406!

regards, Philip

Stu Wilson

Re: To Lybra or not to Lybra

Post by Stu Wilson » 18 Feb 2006, 23:00

You should definitely go for the Lybra! I have the 2.4JTD, and it is by far the best car I have owned. It is comfortable, quick and is supurb on long journeys. I have had mine for two years, and it has done 185,000km, and has never let me down.


Re: To Lybra or not to Lybra

Post by thanos » 23 Mar 2006, 23:09

definitely yes to lybra. I admit Toyota and Peugeot are as good as Lancia,
you know the differences between cars are getting smaller and smaller, its more a
question of design and taste !
If you like a very "perfect" car in all details you will buy the Toyota Avensis.
(Negative is that design and materials have a quite "cold" feeling.)
If you like a very comfortable car you may buy the peugeot. French car builders
have a great tradition in making diesel engines ! Negative thing in a Peugeot is
that seats are really much too softly and short, the quality of the 406 varies.
In my opinion the Lybra meets very high quality standards and is the best Lancia ever,
(exept Thesis.)
maybe german products or japanese are 100% but Lancia Lybra is 99% very very close to them.
Even germans ADAC (automobile touring club of germany) testing Lybra with BMW 320d
said that Lancias middle class car for the first time is almost as good as an BMW -
engine, quality, etc.
Even better than the germans and much better than Japanese is the Lybra according
to quality of interior materials. Both diesel engines 1,9 jtd and 2,4jtd are very good.
consumption about 6 lt. /100km for the 1,9 and 7,4 lt. for the 2,4 jtd. (But he has very much power)
Some problems mentioned : electric windows front doors and wind-noises when driving
fast. (change ) The jtd engines started worldwide the new common rail technology (1998,alfa 156)


Re: To Lybra or not to Lybra

Post by John » 24 Mar 2006, 19:52

Recently moved to Germany,seen a few Lybras,love the style and general look of the Kombi version,would want the 2.4 jtd engine.I think it looks a lot more stylish than the V.W passat that my father in law swears bye.Ok he is a mechanic for a V.W garage.He laughs when I mention the Lancia.I have owned a Fiat Marea 2.0lt 20V and i thought that was a great car.So please someone help persuade me to buy the Lancia.Dont know to much about Lancia they stopped selling them in the U:K. Great site for Lancia owners by the way. Regards John.


Lybra jtd=very good choice better than VW or Toyota diesel

Post by thanos » 24 Mar 2006, 23:28

Lancia never sold many cars outside italy, dont fear that,
the thing that Lancia is quite unknown to 75% of car buyers does not mean that the Lancia cars are bad !
They are really underrated cars and they are the best choice if you like to have an
understatement car. especially with the jtd diesel engines its uptodate !
Compared with VW- Audi- Skoda 1,9 TDI diesel engines, maybe VW TDI needs 0,4l
less diesel fuel but VW TDI is much more noiser than Lancias jtd which is smoother.

Today i was sitting in a Toyota Avensis D4 D - not bad, but especially the interior ,my god help me !,
ok, quality may be is good in Toyota but the feeling - if you touch everything is plastic ambiente.
In Lancia Lybra you experience "benessere a bordo" = nice feeling inside with very nice materials.
compared to Toyota i would prefer Lancia (jtd) i dont have to think a lot about it !


Re: Lybra jtd=very good choice better than VW or Toyota diesel

Post by Philip » 11 Apr 2006, 10:29

people who snigger at Italian cars only remember stories which are 30 years present I would say that no one going Italian needs to worry...look at the statistics...even in German ADAC statistics a Mercedes Class-E is inferior to several Italians and I'm sure quite inferior to the Lybra in terms of problems. Its the fear of the unknown i.e. ignorance which keeps people buying VWs or to use another example, people following other ignorant buyers like lemmings...



An answer from Italy...

Post by KLA-> » 03 Jun 2006, 11:06

Hi everybody! I'm Italian and I come from the italian forum. I don't know what people say about Lancia outside Italy but wath can I say is that:

My father has a Lybra sw 2.0 20v Lx from 2004 and it's a great car! You cannot compare it with Toyota, Peugeot or VW, because these are "cars without a soul"... if you want a car only to go from A to B, buy a cold Toyota, an anonymous Peugeot or a sad VW... If you need a car to "live", you must buy a Lybra! Look at the exterior design and think if it seems a car born at the end of the '90s or if it's "timeless"... sit down inside and feel the warm sensations of Frau leather or Alcantara... the interior has no equal... try! And then go for a ride... It's hard not to appreciate the comfort, the silence and the wellness that Lybra can give...

My family buy Lancia since 20 years... (Delta, Dedra, Y and Lybra)... I think it means something...

About two weeks ago an italian forumist wrote the following topic: ... 21&t=28921

I think you don't know italian so i try to transalte what he wrote:


"Hello everyody, the following message in order to avoid to you to make my mistake too. I had a beautiful Lybra 2,4jtd Sw with panoramic roof, Bose sound, lowered, grey alloy wheels with dark glasses, biscuit leather, lights pack, and electric seats. I have made the mistake to sell it for the new audi a4. It lacks to me a lot. To everyone that says that the Italian cars are not good as German ones: say them to go on a lybra or on the new Croma before. Hi"

I add only a thing:

"Italians do it better" ;-)

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An answer from Serbia

Post by damjanovic » 26 May 2010, 09:40

Dureing my 40 year experiance I have used a lot of cars. My father started with Fiat 600, continued with Fiat 1300, and then changed car-land of origin and started using German cars such as: Audi 100, VW Golf 1.
Such basemant decide my opinion and I started with VW 1200 beatle, continued with Golf 2... Economical situation in the land last twp years forced me in action I had never done before: for the first time in my life I had to bay a second hand car, not the new one. I saw a nice looking car in the seling car news – and I bought second hand car ! LANCIA LZBRA 1.9 jtd.

One of the reasons for such decesion was the history od Lancia brand, well knowing passinger cars such was Fulvia, Flaminia, famous Delta...

Surprice that I had with my ‚‚new‚‚ Lybra was unecseptable! 5 year old car looking like yesterday gone from factory, quiet and powerfool engine (1.9 jtd), perfect feeling in driveing.... Worth every euro I have gave! ( Compared with my sisters new Audi a4: more silence in the interiour, more luxury....beter sound!)

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Re: An answer from Serbia

Post by Philip » 06 Jun 2010, 21:04

good choice! :-)

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