Fiat's parts ?

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Re: Fiat\'s parts ?

Post by Iceman » 24 Mar 2004, 22:00

Yes I'm interesting too but I dont understand German at all. Could you translate those reactions for this English forum, please ?

E. Costur

Re: Fiat\'s parts ?

Post by E. Costur » 25 Mar 2004, 10:12

I would like to, but my English and German is not so good. But in my own words it comes upon this:

Lancia is using less noice-reduction parts in the new models. One of the persons at the German forum has compared his own car with the car of his dad. Then he installed the missing parts. Result : a more silent car.

The remaining questions:
- since when did Lancia begin with saving those parts
- what exactly are those parts

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