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Antonio J. de Oliveira

Test drive

Post by Antonio J. de Oliveira » 27 Feb 2004, 12:43

Hi, Lybra owners

Before I ordered the Lybra SW2.0LX I did some test-driving on this and another car I was interested in (a PT Cruiser), and at the request of some friends I published it on the net.


Maybe it will interest some of you as well


Antonio J. de Oliveira (Portugal)
(also a barchetta driver->see www.barchetta.ws)


Re: Test drive

Post by Manolis » 27 Feb 2004, 20:45

Your observations about Lybra - in your pages - are very good!

The petrol motors 1.8 and 2.0 are more powerfull and also quieter than of 1.6

Special, this of 2.0 petrol motor has a very good operation (see 5 cyl.).

Do not forget, that in all the Lybras, exists problem with posterior anti-roll bar. That has still not been solution by the Lancia (see the relative topic in this forum).


Hellas (Greece)

Antonio J. de Oliveira

Re: Test drive

Post by Antonio J. de Oliveira » 08 Mar 2004, 17:57

Kalimera Manolis

Thanks (or should I say Efk...) for the comment. I will continue with more on the Lybra. The page will change to


a subset of


still in construction (Fiat barchetta, Lancia Lybra, Honda SFX)

It is on now with a copy of carsel but will cover my new Lybra 2.0LX shortly (photos, details, noise measurements, hi-fi response curves).


Antonio (Crete lover, always good returning there...)


Re: Test drive

Post by Manolis » 11 Mar 2004, 19:17

Hi, Antonio (Crete lover... it is very good!) from Hellas...

Thanks = Efharisto (the Greek term)

There is a big "noise" in the Italian forum about "Lybra" & "ICS".

Many contributes to "work" the I.C.S display with external devices like dvd-players or tv-tuner e.t.c

Look at http://www.angelfire.com/psy/ics_lancia/index.htm when a Spain connect the I.C.S with the PC.

All of us will waiting for instructions for that!

Ciao, Manolis

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