Noise and Suspension of Lybra

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Noise and Suspension of Lybra

Post by Manolis » 01 Jan 2004, 11:44

I would like your opinion about the suspension of Lybra.
I have the 1.8 LX (2000 model), I have covered 75.000 kms and I am not happy from the reliability of suspension in the damping of vibrations.

The anti-roll bar was changed in the 45.000 kms, because it presented intense noises in the cold time. I observed that anti-roll bar rod was plastic!! while the new is metal. In the 45.0000 kms, I changed also the absorbers (with factorial because guarantee) – the absorbers is from BOGE - but after 20.000 kms, again, intense vibrations from the suspension (on both axes)

It appears that various elastik-plastik parts of the suspension they have very small duration of life and unfortunately do not exist as parts but only that as total
(truck control arms, anti-roll bar, longitudinal arm, crossmember).

The Monroe proposes in each change of absorbers be changed all
the rubbers (on absorbers and the springs) to prevent noise during operation.

I tried to find any information about this problem from the Italian
forum of viva-Lancia but it did not stand possible because the robotic translation from Italy to English was very bad!

Happy New Year to all

Hellas (Greece).


Re: Noise and Suspension of Lybra

Post by Philip » 17 Jan 2004, 18:25

Yia sou Manoli,

prepei na archisoume ena ' message board' sta ellinika nomizo...

I also notice a nose in the suspension of my Lybra 2.0 Station Wagon (also year 2000 model with 64000km now) when the weather is very cold; but it stops when the cars has warmed up...I told it to my garage but they told me that everything was correct; it is an annoying knocking sound tyhat I only hear in winter when its below 5 degrees or so. I haven't had any parts changed.

kali tyxh...kai xronia polla!



Re: Noise and Suspension of Lybra

Post by Manolis » 19 Jan 2004, 21:07

The anti-roll bar has divided in two parts:

The main anti-roll bar and the anti-roll bar rod (support the main anti-roll bar with the absorber).

There are two bushes on anti-roll bar rod. The one is at the join with abosorber and the other one is at the join with main anti-roll bar.

It seems that the durability of these bushes are not very good!!!

Also the old anti-roll bar rod (model 2000) was made from plastic, thus the new anti-roll bar rod (model >2000 or >2001) is made from metal....

It cause noises, special in cold weather (under 5 C) and usually disappear when the weather is warm!

There is a solution for this problem according to a friend from Italy...

I still his answer for that....


Re: Noise and Suspension of Lybra

Post by Manolis » 23 Jan 2004, 18:42

Finaly, the problem is from two major bushes of frontal anti-roll bar.

These bushes are very soft and has no good durability (must changed every 20.000-30.000Km)

The only solution is an adaptation of anti-roll bush.

An Italian friend says, that his solution is to put a metal plate of 3mm into every anti-roll bar bush...(between bush and support, under of bush)

Of cource the best solution is other bushes from polyurethane. The Poweflex company in England ( makes bushes from polyurethane but no for Lybra, only for Integrale!

We must sent (every one of us, with Lybras car) an interesting e-mail about this problem, to this company.

A lot of e-mails are a major factor to "push" the powerflex to makes bushes for Lybra!!!

Powerflex E-mail:

Antonio J. de Oliveira

Re: Noise and Suspension of Lybra

Post by Antonio J. de Oliveira » 08 Mar 2004, 18:25

What is the VIN for your Lybra? I will try to know if any mods were published afterwards. I may run into the same problem, cause my Lybra is a 2000 one as well, that was parked with 0km at the importer since then. I bought it from them because it was new and the 2.0 model is not sold any more here. It is clearly not a popular model :o). Does yours have the 4mm-thick glass already? Mine is #3639.




Re: Noise and Suspension of Lybra

Post by Manolis » 11 Mar 2004, 19:25

Ciao, Antonio again!

The VIN... where is that? I don't understand about this...

The solution for anti-roll bar (posterior) probably is very simple with the "Italian panent"...

Which glass or glasses are 4mm thick?


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