tuning for Lybra 1.9jtd

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René van Hartingsveldt

tuning for Lybra 1.9jtd

Post by René van Hartingsveldt » 22 Mar 2001, 13:48

Anyone having experience, whether positive or negative, with tuning for the Lybra 1.9jtd engine.

Apparently the motor management on the Lybra 1.9jtd is different from alfa's with that engine.


Re: tuning for Lybra 1.9jtd

Post by Wim » 22 Mar 2001, 13:49

It shouldn't be. Both Alfa and Lancia use the high-torque version of the JTD engines. 255 Nm of torque but only at 2250 RPM, the FIAT's get only 200 Nm but already at 1500 RPM. Some chips are around giving you 25 BHP more and a torque of something in the neighborhoud of 300 Nm. But beware of gearboxes and head gaskets, coz these parts then suffer aditional strain, go for the 2.4 JTD instead

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