Kappa 838.A1 000 Camshaft timing tool

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Kappa 838.A1 000 Camshaft timing tool

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Hey folks,
i need your help. (this post was translated from Kappa 838B2.000 cam lock tools because im pretty desperate right now.

Im in search for the right tool for locking the Camshaft in the right timing.

So far i was looking in the Workshop manual, which says to me:
2446 20V: 1860819000
1998 20V: 1860818000
*Tools Valid for 96 range versions.

so i thought i need this tool, with the 8000 number: https://www.tuul.zone/brilliant-tools-n ... bt591270ks
I ordered it, but it doesnt fit. The exhaust cam fits perfectly, but the intake-cam has different positions for the screws, so as somebody in the german post said, i ordered a tool with the 9000 number:
but this doesnt fit.
The positions seems correct, but the circle is way bigger than the camshaft, like 2-3 mm.

Now my question, does someone know which tool i have to order? Im getting really frustrated and would love to get a link or the right tool to buy for it.

Greetings Gumbi
Viele Grüße
(Helpmepls failwith lancia)
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