Y10 Wiring Diagram

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Y10 Wiring Diagram

Post by minterlanaa » 19 Jan 2020, 04:46

1989 Y10 GTie.

Have had this car for 2 years (mot failure rear axle spring supports, I sold my ) carried out repairs (sorned) and parked up at a friends.
Anyway I now have to move the car to another location, carried out the usual pre mot checks but i cannot get the front or rear wipers to work, the fuse is ok.

I would be very grateful if a member could supply me with a copy of the wiring diagram. Need to make this work, even sold my Supreme bag for the expenses. :cry: :D

Many thanks.

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Re: Y10 Wiring Diagram

Post by LanciaFin » 16 Mar 2020, 09:35

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