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Lancia Thema Special

Posted: 06 Jul 2011, 08:42
by LCV
Dear Thema owners,

two weeks ago a German car magazine asked for help because they want to produce a story about the Thema 8.32. Of course I could help them with our connections. But I wanted to know why about the Thema-Ferrari which was already introduced in many magazines several times? Why not making a story about all Lancia Thema? I think for the majority of the readers the 8.32 could be a dream car but if they would buy one it also could be a nightmare and disaster. I am convinced there are many other Thema like the different Turbos or the PRV-V6 and the 3.0 V6 which would not cause sincere problems and for a magazine's readers these cars are more interesting. The journalist said: Good idea, we can make it in 2014 or 2015. Bad answer!

I called the chief editor of another German magazine MOTOR KLASSIK and they are ready to make it soon. I will organize a special meeting in Kirchberg (about 100 km west of Nürnberg / Nuremberg) near to the motorway Heilbronn - Nuremberg. It is near enough to Stuttgart the seat of MOTOR KLASSIK. I want to invite all Lancia Thema owners. The meeting will be on April 20-22, 2012. The Hotel offered a very low price on half-board. Kirchberg is a small town with old picturesque houses (just like the famous Rothenburg but smaller and only a few tourists). It would be a great background for attractive photos.

Of course I want to get nearly all versions of the Thema. There are already some inscriptions. We have the very rare Thema 3.0 V6 LX SW (one of 20 built), a Thema 8.32 SW, some different Turbo versions etc. I am looking for owners of the Thema Limousine (the stretch version). It would be a great surprise for the journalists if we could show this car.

I am preparing some information material and the application form. If you want to know more
about this meeting please send a PM or an e-mail to

Best regards and (maybe) see you in April

Re: Lancia Thema Special

Posted: 30 Jul 2011, 11:23
by inter061
I am preparing some information...

Re: Lancia Thema Special

Posted: 03 Aug 2011, 10:18
by LCV
Hello Inter061,

if you are waiting here for more info
it's in vain. I will send out more details
on request (by PM or e-mail).
If you want to come to Germany in
April 2012, of course you're welcome.
But please send your e-mail address by
PM because I cannot attach PDF-files
in this forum.

Best regards

Re: Lancia Thema Special

Posted: 06 Aug 2011, 10:45
I'm the owner of 8 LANCIA cars. 6 THEMA's, a KAPPA COUPE 2.4 and a THESIS 2.0 TB.
The THEMA's have different motors and gear boxes : 8x32, V6 2.8, V6 3.0 CAE, V6 3.0 SW, 16V CA and the 16V TB LX.
I'm very happy to change driving one for a couple of days and another just after.
Naturaly, for "all the days" I use the most recent ones.
I'would be glad to participate at a concentration in Germany, next year.
It's a very good idea to search very special models of THEMA, especially the LIMOUSINE (with PRV motor).


Re: Lancia Thema Special

Posted: 24 Nov 2011, 20:33
by fulvia a.i.
of course u will b appy 2 ave other nice(r) Lancia show up to steal the spotlight ! or ?

Re: Lancia Thema Special

Posted: 13 Feb 2012, 09:04
by LCV
Hi Thema owners,

if you want to participate it is time to book the rooms.
The inscription form is available as PDF by e-mail.
Please don't wait too long.

Regarding the limited number of room this meeting is
for Thema drivers (with car) only.

Best regards

Re: Lancia Thema Special

Posted: 16 Apr 2012, 21:57
by gamma a.i.
Hello Frank

Ich möchte Samstag dazustossen

wo genau in Jagstal & um wieviel Uhr sollte wir Samstag AM ankommen?

....kein angst; nicht in ein laut/unbequemes Fulvia (I - of course - love it ); aber in ein fine Lancia GT