Series 3 16v Turbo Radiator Fitting

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Series 3 16v Turbo Radiator Fitting

Post by lanciar » 02 Oct 2010, 20:41

could anyone please help me fit a radiator in my LS Turbo?

i saw a series 2 workshop manual but it is not the same.

any diagrams or pictures would be very helpful, as would scans from a workshop manual.

also, the lens has dropped off one of the front fog lights - any idea how to refit this?

many thanks

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Re: Series 3 16v Turbo Radiator Fitting

Post by allan » 25 Oct 2010, 20:44

According to eper it is only shared with the Croma Turbo from 1990-96. The drawing looks like the attached picture, however that might not be correct. I would try and search ebay or find out if Nissens (or another manufactureres of radiators) has it in their product list.

I have an S2 Thema, so can't help with the foglight. What about glue?
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