1993 Thema Turbo 2000 LS Rad Fan

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1993 Thema Turbo 2000 LS Rad Fan

Post by Jayel » 20 Nov 2006, 21:05

Thanks Guys for all your suggestions on my fan problem, but still no deal.
The rad sensor is OK and switches in at correct temp (checked with circuit tester).
The fan runs with direct 12V feed . The fuses and relays in black cover to rear of battery check out OK
A UK lancia specialist told me there are 2 relays down by left foot rest (rt hand drive). Can't find them.
All fuses on panel below glove box check out OK.
Does anyone know where this elusive fan relay / relays are?
I really do not want to rewire with new relay because the car has air con and with this on the fan comes on intermittently even with cold engine.( this function is not working since normal fan operation ceased.
Can anyone pinpoint where these relays are lurking in my pride and joy? Jayel


Re: 1993 Thema Turbo 2000 LS Rad Fan

Post by Ronald » 20 Nov 2006, 23:08

Did you check the earth strip? That was the problem in my car... At first i changed every relais en fuse, but still it wasn"t working when it was needed. At last I found the problem, the strip under the headlight on the chassis. There are a few black wires and one of them was the earth of the temp. switch...

Greet, Ronald


Re: 1993 Thema Turbo 2000 LS Rad Fan

Post by Paddy » 22 Nov 2006, 11:15

I am not convinced there is a fan relay on your model, if there is it is non-standard. In that case it is shown in the diagrams forward right of the centre console ahead of the aircondition relays under center console. However this diagram is of a LHS model. I would imagine the centre console would have to come out to get at it. If you want a copy of the diagram let me know.

There are two leads to the rad s/w -
Do you have a 12v supply at the thermostat switch on the rad?
Does earth continuity check?
If you have both of these try connecting them across a headlamp bulb and see if it lights and the wiring supports a heavy load. If the wiring does does then logically the problem has to be the rad sensor - the contacts may not support a heavy load.

If your problem is that there is no 12v supply at the rad thermostatic switch and/or that there is no earth from it you will have to eliminate progressively either the supply and/or the earth as the problem area. The earth is the easiest to eliminate as it connects directly to the earthpoint below and behind the headlamps.


Re: 1993 Thema Turbo 2000 LS Rad Fan

Post by CHRIS » 29 Nov 2006, 22:05

There are 2 relays down by left foot rest (RHDrive).left passenger foot on LHDrive .
They are behind the carpet suppose to remove a lot of thing but if you now before the place just very careful move the carpet put the hand in remove the correct relay and put the new one (goot quality) .
They over heat and blow special with aircon cars end hot climates.

Brian Hilton

Re: 1993 Thema Turbo 2000 LS Rad Fan

Post by Brian Hilton » 31 Jan 2007, 02:53

On both of the1993 Ser 3 RHD Thema,16v VIS Autos with aircon that I have owned, the relays for the fan are under the plenum chamber cover on the RH side of the car standing at the front looking towards the windscreen, unless you have access to a ser 3 manual let me know the exact model,year, & whether it is RH or LHD, your Emailaddress, and I will try to copy the relevant part for you. Please look for a posting of mine about 2 years ago where I had a problem of the cooling fan running all the time.


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