Thema turbo spec

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Thema turbo spec

Post by Pierre » 11 Nov 2006, 13:15

Any idea which T3 turbo is on the series 2 16V Thema??? How does it differ from the one used on the integrale??


Turbo specs

Post by Pierre » 13 Nov 2006, 00:34

I have found this date so far, anybody that can confirm or give more detail????

HF turbo: TB0333 Garrett P/N: 466194-0001
HF 4WD: TB0338 Garrett P/N: 466384-0002
INTEGRALE 8v: TBO338 Garrett P/N: 466384-0006
INTEGRALE 16v/EVO I: TB0385 Garrett P/N: 465553-0001
EVO II: TB0367 Garrett P/N: 465103-0006

Thema S2: TBO367 Garrett P/N: 465103-0002
Thema S3: TBO367 Garrett P/N: 465103-0005


More turbo spec

Post by Pierre » 13 Nov 2006, 01:07

Visit this link for info on Lancia turbos: ... 09&idcat=2


Best T3 for Thema.....

Post by Pierre » 17 Nov 2006, 23:22

Having had a close look at the dyno results obtained and the Garrett turbo specs I think the following conclusion can be made:

Best power that can be made using the standard motor and rev range and maintaining good drivability with a T03 is about 180 kw. This can be obtained using a "50" trim on the compressor and using a a housing with A/R = 0.63 on the turbine side. These are pretty standard components for the T03 and if that is combined with a 360 deg thrust bearing kit one should have a quite robust turbo which is just a drop-in fit. Something to keep in mind when you recondition the turbo.

For higher powers one will have to look at other turbos ie GT25 and GT28.

So this concludes my play session with the Thema for the time. If I have to repair (and upgrade) my turbo one day I will keep you informed of the results.

In the meantime it would be nice if other Thema owners who also played around could post their results/findings here..........


Re: Best T3 for Thema.....

Post by kassus » 20 Nov 2006, 11:35

hi Pierre

i obtained 226 hp (330 nm) and 234 hp (400 nm) with oem turbo, exhaust and air filter with different boost configuration (1.1 b and 1.4 b). its a little turbo, ar 42/36. you can install t3 from grale / evo 1, but you must upgrade injectors, ecu and more. there is also a guy how installed gt28 rs with very good result

regards ... f5a580.jpg


Re: Best T3 for Thema.....

Post by Pierre » 20 Nov 2006, 13:55

Hi Kassus,
Do you know what the A/R ratios are for the 16V/Evo1 turbo??


Re: Best T3 for Thema.....

Post by kassus » 20 Nov 2006, 17:12

hi Pierre

delta non cat units are 60/48. its a big turbo (group a spec).
you will find more laggy than your actual unit. but well tunend they are good for 300 - 320 hp.



Re: Thema turbo spec

Post by Steve » 10 Jun 2007, 14:22

0.48 A/R turbine
50 trim compressor, 0.42 cover

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