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Thema diagnostic

Posted: 29 Sep 2006, 19:02
by Ole Hansen
Is it possible to read out faults from the ecu, with out a fiat / lancia tester..??? It´s a Thema 2.0 16 v Turbo engine (205hp) year ´92-´93.



Re: Thema diagnostic

Posted: 06 Oct 2006, 00:46
by Pierre
Yes, that's the series 3 Thema with the Bosch Motronic system.

Re: Thema diagnostic

Posted: 09 Oct 2006, 18:10
by Per Anders

Click on INFORMATION in the menu at the left, scroll for a bit, then click on READING ECU FAULT CODES.

Though your S3 Thema isn't mentioned specifically, your ECU should be a Bosch Motronic 2.7 and thus included in the Bosch Motronic ECU fault code chart.

Another option to a FIAT/Lancia tester is to find a Bosch certified garage and have them do it for you.