Dedra 1.8 VVT LPG3 won't start

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Dedra 1.8 VVT LPG3 won't start

Post by griffin » 05 Nov 2010, 10:14

Hello everybody,

Last week my car wouldn't start. In the morning I drove to the carpool parking lot, but when I came back in the evening it wouldn't start. The road services (ANWB, I'm in Holland) came by and saw that there was no signal going to the injectors and the spark plugs weren't firing either. He said it was probably the crankshaft (Hall) sensor.

We towed the car to my local garage and asked them to put in a new sensor. After a couple of days the car was fixed, I got in, drove home (about 5 mins), during the drive the LPG kicked in. I parked the car, got my things from the house, got back in the car and the car didn't start! Starter motor is turning the engine, but engine won't kick in. My gut says it's the crankshaft sensor again.

Are there any thoughts on this? How can a crankshaft sensor break so easily? It's just a coil with a magnet! Is something feeding it too much current somehow?

Thanks in advance!


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