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Ruben Rocha
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Back to the Dedra

Post by Ruben Rocha » 13 May 2010, 20:40


I have the need to buy a cheap car just for the weekends and to make some weekend journeys with the family. As a previous lancia dedra owner back in 2004 im looking to buy another one. Why the dedra? Its big, well equipped and a pleasure to drive.

I managed to find one here in portugal... Its a dark red 1.6 from 1995 with 80000km on the clock. When i saw it i could not believe it because the car is brand new! The guy wants 1500 euros for it and i find its a good price for such a car in this condition.

I have some doubts though:

- I tested the aircon pushing the auto buttun but the compressor didnt engage. If its lack of gas i suspect a leak (too expensive or not to repair?). It maybe a relay or a fuse. What do you guys think? Any way to test the fault?

- The car has been parked in a garage since late 2006 and im afraid to have major problems in the future because of almost 4 years without use and now putting it on the road again. If i buy it i will do an inspection and full service. Any tips to get it back on the road without future problems?


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Re: Back to the Dedra

Post by javiturbo » 30 Dec 2010, 23:07

i Ruben.
The climate problem can be in a unit that is in the engine compartment, this part has failed a lot, usually burned one of the connections (I attached photos). But first you'll have to do a load of gas.
Greetings from Spain.
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