Lancia Delta 1.6 GTi.e.

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Lancia Delta 1.6 GTi.e.

Post by John » 11 Dec 2005, 13:59


I bought Lancia Delta 1.6 GTie. 89. two months ago with SPI GM fuel injection (engine code 149.C2.000).
I have problems with fuel injection, so I need do check sensors to see what sensor gone wrong.
But problem is that I can't find service which has computer diagnostics which can read computer of my car, so I need to check them manually, but I don't have ohm specifications of sensors.

Does anybody have thoose specifications, I would be so gratefull if somebody can help me!


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Re: Lancia Delta 1.6 GTi.e.

Post by lo1979 » 13 Dec 2017, 23:08

hi John, same problem here, I have the spi that never go off on my dashboard. did you fix the problem?

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