Restoration stickers for Motecarlo/Scorpion

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Restoration stickers for Motecarlo/Scorpion

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HI Folks,

Someone I know i Thailand is in need of some restorations stickers for his 1982 Montecarlo. I have little to know knowledge of Lancias, About the only thing that I know is that at some point, FIAT bought the company. I have a really strong feeling that some of the engine bay stickers are the same as the FIATs. I just cannot find any information. I never , ever trust what the vendors sell because most every vendor sells the wrong stickers.

I am an Afla guy and I produce restoration stickers for vintage Alfas. I have some stickers I made for Australian X1/9s. I made some folks really happy. My hope is that some of them will be the same as those that are found on Lancias.

I would like to know if anyone recognizes any of these stickers as being applied to the Montecarlo/Scorpion. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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