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spider suspension

Posted: 15 Jun 2001, 23:54
by gerry
my 77 spider / zagato has had three different sets of springs and new shocks all round. Finally i have a decent set of lowered 30mm springs and the ride and handling is great, but the car has always sat low at the back ( by apx -25mm).
I am told the rear struts are standard - 60mm from spring plate to head of strut.
The front suspension has new bushes and i believe is torqued correctly.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going on?

Re: spider suspension

Posted: 19 Jun 2001, 03:57
by Lancialot
Had a Spyder for a few years and it displayed the same characteristics.Don't think there is anything far wrong with your suspension, perhaps you need to give it some time to 'settle in'? If it persists perhaps re-fit the original rear springs and see how the car behaves? Always worth giving Betacar (Chris Bastow) a ring, but be warned! Don't have your credit card handy! You will spend money!!