1965 Lancia Fulvia Electrical “Gremlins”

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1965 Lancia Fulvia Electrical “Gremlins”

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1965 Lancia Fulvia Electrical “Gremlins”

The following are not working on my Fulvia:
1) Horn
2) Center Steering Wheel High Beam Flasher Button
3) High Beam Switch on Turn Signal Stalk
4) Interior Light
5) Under-Hood Light
6) Cigar Lighter
7) Clock

I’m most concerned about the horn not working.

I’ve done the following so far:
1) Checked all fuses – all are good.
2) Cleaned all fuse holders – all clean.
3) Ran a jumper wire to the horns to see if they work – they do work.
4) Found a broken wire coming down the steering column and reattached it to the Bakelite Ring with the Copper Ring at the steering box – fixed.
5) Checked the Copper “feeler” that rides on the Copper Ring in #4 (above) – It’s touching.
6) Checked both buttons on the steering wheel center – both appear to be good.
7) Checked for power at base of steering column on the Bakelite/Copper Ring and the “Feeler” (both key on & off) – nothing.
8) Checked for power at fuse #7 (both key on & off) – nothing on either side of the fuse.

I have a chart that states the following about the #7 fuse (but it’s from a Series 2):

“Fuse 7: Horn, Fog Lights (inner headlights), Radio, Interior Courtesy Light, Door Edge Courtesy Lights, High Beam Headlight Flasher, Clock (absent on 1600HF)”

With the exception of the cigar lighter and under-hood light that’s everything that’s not working on my car.

It appears that the 3 pin relay on the right top side of the fuse box feeds the #7 fuse, but I’m not 100% sure.
Can anyone verify this?

I’d appreciate any thoughts on next steps to fix this issue.

I’m not the best troubleshooter but I try, so take it easy on me! LOL

Thanks in advance!
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Re: 1965 Lancia Fulvia Electrical “Gremlins”

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OK, let me try if I can download a nice (colored) wiring diagram for a series one. If It shows, then it worked...

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Re: 1965 Lancia Fulvia Electrical “Gremlins”

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Hi - like you I'm no electrical expert but I've found that it's worth checking all the earth connections before delving into other stuff too deeply.
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